The CW Eyes A New ‘Wonder Woman’ TV Series

Former "Wonder Woman" scribe  Allan Heinberg may bring the Amazon superheroine back to television.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Last year, David E. Kelley wrote and created a "Wonder Woman" TV pilot for NBC with Adrianne Palicki in the title role… which wildly missed the point of the character and it was ultimately not picked up by the network. And while that incarnation of "Wonder Woman" won't be returning, it seems that DC and Warner Bros. haven't given up on bringing the character back to TV.

According to Vulture, the CW is developing a new "Wonder Woman" TV project written by Allan Heinberg which is tentatively called "Amazon." Much like "Smallville," "Amazon" would apparently take place early in the career of Wonder Woman (aka Diana) before she fully takes on the mantle of a costumed heroine.

In addition to having previously written the "Wonder Woman" comic for DC and "Young Avengers" for Marvel, Heinberg is also known for his stints on "Grey's Anatomy" and "The O.C." Vulture's report also points out that "Amazon" does not have currently have a pilot commitment and only the script is being developed at the moment. The CW does have a DC superhero inspired TV series coming this fall in the form of "Arrow," which is loosely based on Green Arrow. The CW also seems to have a tendency for shaving off as many of the comic book elements as possible from its DC television properties, as Green Arrow will simply be called Arrow within his own TV series and it took Clark Kent ten seasons to become Superman on "Smallville."

It's also unknown how "Amazon" will affect efforts to make a Wonder Woman feature film or introduce her in the potential Justice League movie. Among the general public, "Wonder Woman" is still best remembered for the '70s live action series starring Lynda Carter; which has a fan following to this day.

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