7 Funny Videos About iPhone Apps

Load your brain-phone with parodies of Instagram, Words with Friends and Angry Birds.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Taking fun of other apps? There isn’t an app for that – at least, none that I’m aware of. To see funny iPhone app parodies, you need to search YouTube, which there is an app for. So… I guess it’s a gray area. Anyway, fire up the ol’ iTunes Store, because it’s time for 7 funny videos about iPhone apps:


Portrait of an Instagram Artist

Toaster that. Beautiful.


Words with Friends… OR ELSE!

Oh, so this guy is 5k337lord!


Angry Birds Peace Treaty

As long as there are giant slingshots, there will never be peace.


Foursquare Cops

Those badges are a huge responsibility. Not the police ones, the real ones on Foursquare.


Fun with Spotify

At the end, they play this.


Frog Playing Ant Crusher

This game just got real.           


Fruit Ninja In Real Life

That fruit salad is the bomb. Or rather, it’s not the bomb?


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