Thunder Wolves is the Campy Gaming We Love

Full of movie quotes and game references.

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Thunder Wolves

Oh, sure, today's gaming world can be one that's pretty serious on a day-to-day basis. Between diving face first into interviews with publishers and exploring the narrative strengths of one title or another, the gaming community tends to get pretty wrapped up in being a super stern medium.

Then games like Thunder Wolves get announced by Ubisoft and we remember that sometimes this whole thing should be about nothing more than having fun while doing ridiculous things.

There's not much gameplay offered in the trailer above, but we do think this one will turn out to be a new take on the classic helicopter shooter genre that we all dug when it was a mainstay for early systems.

Man, remember those helicopter games? Jungle Strike, Tiger-Heli or Choplifter? Good times.

We'll stick on Thunder Wolves and give you the good (or bad) word once it drops. This appears to be a downloadable title.