Universal Puts Down Payment on ‘Safe House 2’

But will Ryan Reynolds or Denzel Washington return...?

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


One of the first and most unexpected hits of 2012 was Safe House, a high concept action thriller starring Ryan Reynolds as an inexperienced CIA agent forced to guard a dangerous national traitor played by Denzel Washington after his "safe house" (get it?) is raided. It was an original property starring a hit-or-miss young actor (Reynolds), but it made tons of money anyway, so now – surprise, surprise – Universal is preparing a sequel.

Screenwriter David Guggenheim has been brought back to pen the follow-up, which Hollywood Reporter says remains uncast. Reynolds is reportedly "likely" to return for Safe House 2, but has not officially signed yet. The same goes for Denzel Washington, although given how the first film ended, and the fact that Washington has never done a sequel before, it seems unlikely that he'll be coming back as the dastardly Tobin Frost. Then again, with an original property like this, all that matters is what David Guggenheim comes up with, and what the studios think audiences responded to in the first place. If the interpersonal character dynamic (or, put more simply, the star power) is at the top of Universal's list, they'll probably try to work the screenplay around the original leads whether it makes any sense or not.

The real question, though, is whether the sequel will be called Safe House 2, and if so, how contrived the set-up will have to be in order to get Reynolds behind those same boring walls. Does the success of Safe House really depend on the whole "safe house" concept, or will Reynolds (or whoever else ends up starring in the sequel) have the freedom to go somewhere completely different? And if so, will they still be able to call it Safe House 2?

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