‘Beverly Hills Cop’ TV Series Lands At CBS

Eddie Murphy and Shawn Ryan get a quick pilot commitment as Axel Foley's son is finally named.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Last week, Eddie Murphy's long gestating "Beverly Hills Cop" TV series was shopped to the four major broadcast networks alongside Murphy's new collaborator, Shawn Ryan. The proposed revival of Murphy's feature film franchise set off "a very competitive situation," from which CBS has emerged victorious.

Deadline is reporting that CBS has given "Beverly Hills Cop" a pilot commitment, with Ryan slated to write the pilot and executive produce the potential series. Murphy will reprise his role as Axel Foley, a Detroit detective who originally came to Los Angeles in the first Beverly Hills Cop movie to avenge the murder of his friend. Murphy went on to star in two Beverly Hills Cop sequels, while plans for a fourth movie never came together.

The focus of the "Beverly Hills Cop" TV series will be on Axel Foley's son, Aaron; who comes to LA to help take down rich and powerful criminals while escaping the long shadow of his famous father. In the present day, Axel Foley is reportedly the chief of police for Detroit, and Murphy is tentatively set to recur in the role if "Beverly Hills Cop" goes to series.

The Deadline story also reveals that Murphy and Ryan were paired together on this project through their mutual agency, William Morris Endeavour. Because Ryan's TV projects are set up through Sony TV, the television incarnation "Beverly Hills Cop" will be produced by that studio; while Paramount Pictures (which produced the movies) will own a piece of the series as well.

If "Beverly Hills Cop" goes forward, Ryan will serve as the showrunner on this project and ABC's "Last Resort." Ryan previously executive produced "The Unit" for CBS, "Terriers" for FX and "Lie To Me" for Fox, but he is better known as the creator of "The Shield."

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