6 Funny Sketches By Gringotone

Two dudes. Mid-twenties. Hilarity ensues.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Navigating relationships, even between other dudes, is awkward when you’re… well, a dude. That’s the theme behind a lot of the comedy shorts by Andrew and Tucker, the duo collectively known as Gringotone, whose videos are racking up the ol’ YouTube plays. Here are 6 funny sketches by Gringotone:


The Boyfriend Bomb

Maybe she should have to step into the Life Penalty Box for 45 minutes.


Making Guy Friends

He’s all bro’d up, bro.


CSI Facebook Creep

I love those dramatic, very realistic typing sounds.


YouTube Hater

They should also hire the waving bear.


Annoying Supermarket Clipboard Guy

Winter is coming. Also, this clipboard guy.


Grad School’d!

Is a friend who tells you to “suck it” really a friend?


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