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Stan Lee is back, in video form!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Get a load of this, Felicia Day and Stan Lee in the same room, same video and same show… Say what?! Crazy talk, but not as crazy as Crazy Gideon hosting a video for to give away a thousand dollars. And that’s no prank. Check out all these videos and more collected from the front pages of the web’s funniest video sites!


Youtube – Felicia Day – Cocktails with Stan – Ep4 (link)

ComicBook and Super Hero master Stan Lee teams up with the first woman of Geekdom, and creator of The Guild, Felicia Day.           


Dailymotion  – Boy Finds Whale Vomit Worth $60,000 (link)

I’m gagging with jealousy on this barftastic jack pot. Luck punk!


Break  – Earn $$$ In Break's 31 Days of Scares Contest! (link)

Sick of watching pranks?Time to punk your friends, film it and profit!


UCB Comedy – Interns Talk Funny (link)

Live from the stages of  Upright Citizens Brigade, we talk sandwiches. Big sandwiches.


Funny Or Die – Bane the Telemarketer (link)

Chris Kattan shows the sensitive side of Bane!

This is my first time writing about sandwiches…


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and be the big sandwich.

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