What Girls Do When They Like Someone

Aspiring YouTube creator/comedian desires your attention... does she warrant it?

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

I'm pretty new to the whole "Get famous on YouTube" thing. Why do young people want to spend so much time getting known online now? I'm pretty sure when I was 19 or 20 my biggest concerns were much more micro in nature. Things like, "How can I get booze cheaply from friends" was at the top of the list, followed by "Am I averaging the same amount of sexual intercourse as everyone else?"


At least since watching Alyssa Onofreo's YouTube channel, OMGchomp, I have the answer to that first question. And in her debut sketch for College Humor, she addresses my later concern pretty well… from the female perspective of course: 



The idea of a lady squirming, of anyone squirming, on the other side of the line completely hanging on every text exchange is a really funny thing to watch, and sometimes it totally works for Onofreo. There are moments of genuine cleverness here. But I found myself more fascinated by her other (more candid?) video logs that show her relating to her audience as best she can. 


We know Ms. Onofreo is (was?) an intern at Geek and Sundry, that she took (is taking?) improv classes, and when it comes to being outside? UGH! She hates it man!



If you are hanging at the end of your chair wanting to see how she HANDLES grocery shopping, concerns with her apartment, and singing karakoke (which she has a lovely singing voice) there is plenty more to be found in what I've dubbed her page: The Portrait of a Young Woman as a YouTuber. But for me? Not so interested. I do give her credit for being a pro-active promoter of herself, however, just cause I hate it doesn't mean her subscribers will.


She wants you to fall in love with her concerns, her bangs, and her thoughts. Which is perfectly fine, but a million people have done it already (not necessarily better, but FIRST which matters in comments pages and doing anything online) so she should focus instead on updating her sketch page with more "produced" content like her College Humor debut. I think Onofreo has talent, but she is growing, and we could see better things in about a year or so. 








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