Podcast Review: The Fogelnest Files

Jake Fogelnest jars your memory loose in his new show on Earwolf, the Fogelnest Files.

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

You know who Jake Fogelnest is. One simple search on the web and you’ll go, “oh, yeah – I’ve seen that guy before.” That’s him. And his new show, The Fogelnest Files, is one of the best and the brightest to join the Earwolf podcasting network and their line-up of excellent shows.

So what is it? Jake Fogelnest takes a topic or a theme (say for instance, “punk rock” — see pilot episode) and he and a hilarious panel of guests/friends/experts look at video and audio clips (The Ramones on Good Morning America, or the Sex Pistols on the BBC) and discuss the topic or motif to their heart’s desire. And it works. It works wonderfully.

In actually the podcast serves two purposes: You’re having an enjoyable audible experience, and you’re learning while you laugh! Isn’t that great? Plus who doesn’t love to take a comical look into the past? Everyone does. Or else those “remember when” shows on VH1 wouldn’t still be on TV.

The bottom line: This podcast fits way more easily into the thought-provoking and interesting category than all-out comedy, though it is still very funny. And, at the time of this review there is still only one episode available. Those who are curious are strongly encouraged to subscribe and once the show finds its legs, you will not be let down.

Rating: Definitely worth a listen.

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