7 Songs Dramatically Read by Ian McKellen

Dramatic interpretations of Baby Got Back, Ducktales and more!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Actor Hunter Davis has delighted YouTube for three years now with his spot-on impression of acclaimed actor Sir Ian McKellen. He’s so good, he ought to take it on the road with these two guys. Here are 7 songs dramatically read by Ian McKellen:


Baby Got Back

He’s attracted to butts… magnetically.


Saved By The Bell

Give Zach Morris an Oscar!


Magic Dance

I wonder what Gandalf and Jareth talk about at wizard parties.



You shall not pass into that vault!


Mr. Bucket

Children need to learn about powerful acting somehow.


Back To The Future

This is the version they should have gone with in the movie.


Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

What an incredible story.


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