‘Doctor Who’ Fans: The Results Are In!

CraveOnline readers have chosen their favorite Doctor. And now fans can see the final voting totals for each of the 11 Doctors.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Earlier this week, CraveOnline launched a poll asking "Doctor Who" fans to pick their favorite Doctor from the 11 performers to have officially portrayed the Time Lord through the nearly 50 year life span of the show.

The votes have been counted and we have a pretty decisive winner. Although the modern Doctors seem to have fared the best, classic "Doctor Who" fans accounted for about 25.5% of the total votes. Everyone has their favorite Doctor, so feel free to let us know how you voted in the comment section below! And don't miss the seventh season premiere of "Doctor Who" tonight, September 1 on BBC America!




The First Doctor

Portrayed by William Hartnell

Voting percentage: 0.8%

The Eighth Doctor

Portrayed by Paul McGann

Voting percentage: 0.8%

William Hartnell was the original Doctor when the series debuted in 1963; while Paul McGann only appeared as the Doctor on screen in the TV movie from the ‘90s. The First and the Eighth Doctor have their fans, but apparently they are far outnumbered by the fans of the other nine Doctors.

The Sixth Doctor


Portrayed by Colin Baker

Voting percentage: 1.2%

Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor is sometimes overlooked by fans, but he still had a very colorful tenure in the role.. and I’m not just talking about his crazy costume.



The Fifth Doctor

Portrayed by Peter Davison

Voting percentage: 1.5%


The Seventh Doctor

Portrayed by Sylvester McCoy

Voting percentage: 1.5%

Among CraveOnline readers, the Fifth and Seventh Doctors apparently share the same level of support. Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor was known for his manipulative side, while Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor was among his most courageous incarnations.

In the modern era of “Doctor Who,” Davison is the only actor to return as the Doctor (so far), when he starred alongside David Tennant in the short “Time Crash,” as seen at the top of this article..

The Second Doctor


Portrayed by Patrick Troughton

Voting percentage: 2.1%


While Patrick Troughton's tenure as the Second Doctor ended in 1969, he was the third most popular classic Doctor in this poll. Fans seem to  fondly remember his trickster Doctor. As the first actor to ever replace the original Doctor, Troughton helped keep the franchise alive at a critical point in its history.

The Third Doctor


Portrayed by Jon Pertwee

Voting percentage: 3%


Although Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor has been largely overshadowed by his immediate successor, his time defending Earth alongside UNIT remains a fan favorite era for the series. 


The Ninth Doctor



Portrayed by Christopher Eccleston

Voting percentage: 8.5%


Despite only a single season in the role, Christopher Eccleston earned a large following for his Ninth Doctor. Eccleston also had the unenviable task of being the first Doctor on the revived “Doctor Who” series… but he was a major factor in the show’s renewed success.

Although Eccleston has reportedly dismissed the notion of ever returning to the show, many fans would still love to see him come back for the 50th anniversary.

The Fourth Doctor



Portrayed by Tom Baker

Voting percentage: 14.6%


In the classic era of “Doctor Who,” no one inhabited the title role quite like Tom Baker. Even today, the Fourth Doctor remains one of the absolute fan favorite incarnations of the character. Few actors are brave enough to stay in the role as long as Baker did; which means the length of his tenure is unlikely to be matched in the near future… although Matt Smith could still potentially do it.

The Eleventh Doctor


Portrayed by Matt Smith

Voting percentage: 26.9%


Despite some early detractors, Matt Smith has won over the majority of “Doctor Who” fans with his performance as the Eleventh Doctor. Even though some fans still pine for his predecessor, Smith has helped the franchise continue to grow during his ongoing run in the TARDIS. 

The Tenth Doctor


Portrayed by David Tennant

Voting percentage: 37.8%


In all honesty, is anyone surprised that David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor came in first? But this result is largely due to Tennant’s terrific and soulful performance as the Doctor. Much like Tom Baker before him, Tennant’s Tenth Doctor has become an iconic version of the character to a new generation of “Doctor Who” fans.

And as much as the audience has accepted his successor, Matt Smith, there are very few “Doctor Who” fans who wouldn’t want to see Tennant return at some point during the 50th anniversary of the franchise next year.