5 AmazingSuperPowers Shorts

The hilarious webcomic: now in cartoon-form!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Webcomickers Wes and Tony must have amazing super powers, because they’ve been updating their hit webcomic AmazingSuperPowers since 2007, which is, like, a bazillion years ago in internet time. Recently, they’ve gotten into making motion pictures for these YouTubes everyone’s gabbing about. These are 5 AmazingSuperPowers shorts:



Firefly porn always gets glowing reviews.


Driving Test

Alternate Ending: That guy gets punched in his smug mouth.


Test Your Strength

It’s worth it if he gets the Angry Birds knockoff stuffed animal.


Speed Dating

They’ll be a great couple.


I’m Flying

Wheeeee! Awwwww…


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