New Marvel NOW Art Gives Us Indestructible Hulk

Our best look at the Hulk's new armored look comes from an ad for New York Comic-Con. Take a look.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Marvel Now

So here's the ad that went out today advertising the New York Comic-Con this October. It's full of new-look stuff from the Marvel NOW initiative.

Marvel Now NYCC


So, aside from the obvious 'hey, you saw the movie, didn't you' redesign of Captain America, we've got a black-and-gold Iron Man who brings to mind licorice for some reason (that might be my own mental blip), a needlessly fashionista look from Thor (stripes of armor is just not as cool as actual armor, and capes should not extend past a guy's feet) and the Hulk looking like he might as well be wearing a bunch of pots and pans.

Now we know Mark Waid is going to be bringing us the new Indestructible Hulk title, and we trust Waid to bring us good stories, considering his Daredevil won a handful of Eisner Awards, but yeesh, that's a clunky look. This seems to lend some credence to the speculation that the Green Goliath is going to undergo some kind of power-down if he needs to wear a contraption like this. Maybe it's just some cognitive dissonance from the spare look we're used to – namely the shirtess Hulk who couldn't possibly need any kind of armor – but it really speaks of an illness, infirmity or some sort of unfortunate special needs necessitating that rather than any real choice on the part of Jade Jaws. Considering all the brain-meat messing that Jason Aaron's been putting Hulk and Bruce Banner through in his brief run on Incredible Hulk, the latter might actually be the issue.

It's possible I'm being too precious about the Hulk, though. What say you?