5 Funny Apple Store Pranks

Pranksters vs. Geniuses

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Maybe it’s the serene décor, the hardcore devotion of customers and employees, or the fact that some people who work retail in the mall get to call themselves Geniuses, but the Apple Store is the perfect setting for YouTube pranks. No need to download any apps to check out these 5 funny Apple Store pranks:


Broken iMac Prank

They still work if all the glass is broken, right?


Testing the Limits of the Apple Store’s Tolerance

You pay $400 for a phone, you can get a pizza delivered.


“Old Man” Does the Dougie in the Apple Store

But will he team up with the Six Flags man?


Hands-Free Facetime iPhone Prank

It’s so inconspicuous!


Apple Store Now a Windows Store?

This store just got Recycle Binned.


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