Kent State Football Player Runs Wrong Way

[Video] It's week 1 of college football and teams are still getting their feet wet. Based on this video, we can all tell.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Here's one for the all-time football follies. Kent State linebacker Andre Parker picks up a muffed punt-return a mere 7 yards from his own end zone and instead of running in for a touchdown, runs in the wrong direction. That's right, the sophomore who played only part-time last year picked up the loose ball and ran with it 58 yards in the wrong direction before getting ran out of bounds by his opponents — further pushing the hilarity in that the Towson players didn't even realize he was running the wrong way either; letting Parker run would have resulted in a 2 point safety.

Regardless, Kent State won 41-21, so hopefully this is a small incident that Parker and his teammates can laugh about.