Funny Pages – Growing Planes

At some point we all need to fly the coupe, so do these videos!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Alan Thicke returns to the world on Funny or die, as a hard ass. The Ex Box gets shipped off. Baby’s rock out and I’ve got my clock out! So time to wind up some video palyback, roll stuff!


Dailymotion  – THE EX-BOX Ep #10 "Happy Ending?" (link)

The one time Hollywood power duo, take a power nap on reality in this end to the first season of the Ex-box.

Oh snap interactive cliffhanger!? Time for a celebration!


Break  – Baby Twins Dance to Dad's Guitar (link)

Here for you, is party time Baby!


College Humor – Modern Warfare Soldier Comes Home (link)

A soldiers return is never easy for anyone.

Jennie Pierson delivers a Lifetime worthy performance as a wife torn between her man and the hard truths of Modern Warefare.


UCB Comedy – TGIF's Hart and Home (link)

Ah remember the good old days, 1986 gathering with the family around ye Olde Telle box to watching Hart and Home… or at least the opening, well it’s back for the first time! Thanks to the Brig!


Funny Or Die – Father-Son Chat with Alan Thicke (link)

My buddy Jake Regal has a father son chat with the best at the father son game, Alan Muther Firicken Smoothie Thicke!


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and get the hell out of my house!

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