New Multiplayer Mode Announced for Aliens: Colonial Marines

Get ready to escape...

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Aliens: Colonial Marines

The fine folks at Sega and Gearbox elected to drop a note in our inboxes this morning in order to announce a brand new multiplayer mode for the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines.

With standard deathmatch already on deck, Gearbox has come up with Escape Mode. Here, four marines gun down Xenomorphs in an effort to, you guessed it, make their escape. The aliens are controlled by the other four players and will use each unique skill at their disposal to stop the four marines from…escaping.

Sound familiar? I think it sounds exactly like the great multiplayer mode one would find in Left 4 Dead. Four humans against four zombies in an effort to survive, or in the case of the mall level, escape. Yep, I'm familiar.

There's even more good news for those among us lucky enough to attend PAX Prime out in Seattle. Sega and Gearbox will have this mode playable. Mount up and enjoy.