BAMF Girls is a BA Show to Watch

A web series WORTH WATCHING. Starring your favorite women from fantasy/pop culture/books.

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

Full disclosure, I have never seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Hunger Games, and haven't read a lick of Walking Dead and won't touch Twilight books even if they were made of food and I was literally starving to death. So with only Buffy and Harry Potter to get me through, why did I watch this show?


Because it's good. It's really very good.


Only one episode in and Comediva's new flagship webseries has already shown an impressive level of polish, and the promise that the concepts they'll execute on will actually be funny. Fanfic style web series tend to err on the side of too many in jokes or trying waaay to hard. Here, you actually get the sense that there will be some temperance shown in the characterization. Even a neophyte like me can get these jokes.


One of my favorite gags in episode 1  was the equation of "wizard = gay". Whether it be the actors that play them or the characters themselves I have to admit, most wizards I know are pretty comfortable with their sexuality. I also enjoyed Katniss saying "this isn't my first reality show". The way in which the ladies all fit into firmly established reality tropes was super entertaining and made sense.


Also, Lizbeth Salander is my new favorite.



While every actress here plays their part well (esp. Michonne, who encourages you to subscribe at the end of the episode) I personally enjoy the complete and utter disdain and darkness that oozes out of every pore of this gal. She hates you, and knows everything about you. Now I have to see/read the property she belongs to.


It's not all a bed full of overly positive roses though.


Once you go through the ringer of "OMG CAN U BELIVE THERE ALL LIVIN TOGETHERZ" it's important to have something else happen or go on, less you fall into a danger of every story being "Bella sucks… did you hear what that other lady said about me?" 


Of course these are preemptive fears, but I will be keenly watching to see how this show does. And don't be surprised if it ends up on Buzzfeed for the reasons I stated above. Simple works, and this show is straightforward but super amusing.


Also, I will pay monies to see Hermonie turn out to be homosexual. Please, BAMF Girls Club?!?!?





Watch episode 1 below:



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