Sergio Martinez Fighter Blog Week 2

Sergio Martinez talks about what he would change in the sport of boxing.

Sergio Martinezby Sergio Martinez

If you were given the power to fix the sport, what would be the first thing you would change?


Sergio Martinez – I would first make sure there is a strong amateur program that caters to younger fighters looking to get into the sport of boxing and provide them proper training. More often than not, especially in Spain and the United States a lot of the younger athletes tend to gravitate more towards Futbol and Basketball. They have better amateur programs then boxing and there could’ve been some great fighters that never stepped in the ring because the amateur programs in other sports were far superior.

You can also attest the diminishment of the heavyweight division in America with not having a proper amateur program. Most of the great heavyweights now are coming from eastern Europe, and they are excellent fighters. They have the proper amateur training and schooling and support. In America, most of the large fighters that would be great heavyweights are being groomed to be American football and basketball.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images / Al Bello