Red Sox Pitcher Banned From Team Plane

Manager Bobby Valentine tells this player to find his own way to L.A., further ensuring Boston's favorite team is going down in flames.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

It's no breaking news when I say that the Boston Red Sox is a ship that can be widely compared to the Titanic. In fact, the two could only be more similar if the Red Sox had Leonardo Decaprio sitting in an ice bath somewhere in their training room.

With the team 'enjoying' one of their worst seasons in recent memory, the main reason to tune into them is frankly to see what will happen next. It's the classic train wreck phenomenon where you can't help but stop and gape at the wreckage.

The latest from this wreckage comes in the form of reliever Alfredo Aceves, who is set to return to the Red Sox Tuesday after serving a three-game suspension for 'conduct detrimental to the team', or in this case, vocally disagreeing with manager Bobby Valentine's decision to go with Andrew Bailey — instead of himself — to close Friday against Kansas City.

"Like I said, it just deals with being responsible for your actions and understanding that all actions have consequence," Valentine said Monday. "It's just a simple rule. Remember, I don't have a lot of rules, but one of the rules I stated early on is that you don't do anything to embarrass yourself, your teammates or your organization."

Pretty cut and dried why Aceves was suspended, right? Well, yes, in that regard, this is a pretty straight-forward suspension, but it's this petty little after-bite on the whole affair that earns this a place in the 'interesting stories' spot; Aceves was not allowed on the team plane to Los Angeles where the Red Sox are set to open a three game series Monday. No, Aceves must make his own way to the game.

"On the same plane, no," manager Bobby Valentine told when asked if Aceves was going with the team. "I expect him to be in California though."

As much as it's a well known fact that the Red Sox are indeed a train wreck this season, it's also safe to say that Valentine is only going to be a one year skipper with the organization. But hey, despite being the inevitable fall guy for this season, it's good to see that Bobby V is staying professional and trying to keep order to a season that is far from it.

Even if banning Aceves from the plane does seem a bit childish.

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