You can see Metallica for just $5

A number of people are taking advantage and scalping for upwards of $50.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Only $5 to see a Meallica show? Yup, you read that right.

The band is filming a 3D movie and have added another show to their Vancouver line-up in order to shoot additional footage. The show will take place on Monday, August 27th.

Metallica posted on their official website: "This Monday, August 27, we will be shooting what we hope will be the final live portion of the movie and have our last chance for quite some time to play on the gigantic, massive over-the-top stage that we rolled out in Mexico City, took to Edmonton and end our film excursion/mini tour with in Vancouver. As we have been saying a lot recently we would love to have you join us and be a part of our movie making adventure. Here's how it works: We will be running though the full live show one last time at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, but unlike the Friday and Saturday shows there will be lots of breaks in it to allow for cameras and lights to be repositioned as the director sees fit. Since it is way more fun for us to have YOU there, tickets will be available for just $5 (no extra fees or service charges!) and all the proceeds will benefit the Greater Vancouver Food Bank." The band has indicated that there will be several interruptions throughout the show to adjust cameras and prep for more footage to be shot.

However, some people have been taking advantage of the ridiculously low ticket prices and are scooping them up for $5, then charging as much as $50 per ticket. According to CTV British Columbia, several posts have been put on Craigslist asking for ten times the sale price.

Photo: WENN