7 Golf Heckling Videos

Nice drive, douche-nozzle!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Golf has the reputation as being a sport full of stuffy people, playing a "proper" game which features a mix of athleticism and strategy. But with the growing popularity of the sport, comes fans that might not care too much about "tradition" and "professionalism," but more about hooting and hollering. 

We here at CRAVE celebrate that aspect. Why should the gold course being any different than a comedy club? Augusta just started letting women become members. So why not let Andrew Dice Clay do a set? To honor that, we've found seven hilarious videos of Golfers being heckled by fans for your enjoyment. As a great man once said, "introduce a little anarchy…"

Take a look: 

1. Man playing by himself is harassed by a moron:

Pebblebrook welcomes all: including "pipe-sucking fags."


2. Same guy interrupts a golfer in mid-swing: 

Sick burn. Now drive away as fast as you can…


3. Tiger Woods gets props:

Tiger Woods: Crushing drives then crushing chicks. 


4. Maybe the worst Tiger Woods Heckler ever…

Nice sunglasses, dipsh*t.


5. Dog gets in on the fun: 

That's right, stay the f*ck off my lawn.


6. Idiot claims golfer's wife is getting "plowed."

This guy might be the best heckler of all time. 


7. Guy steals the show by acting like a bird:

That was the offical mating call of the peacock. No, seriously, it was dead on.