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Viral videos come far and wide to hit the front page or the funny pages.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

From across the pond, somewhere trapped in time and beyond funny videos are coming out of the wood work to hit the front pages of some of the best websites featuring viral videos. Time to get funny.


Dailymotion  –  Edward aux mains de houblon (Pub Bière Andes) (link)

Edward Bottle fingers. We don’t usually feature viral commercial campaigns, but when we do, we feature …  Tim Burton inspired beer ads.


Break  – Title (link)

Taking the imports as a cue, let’s check out this new viral sensation. I was really hoping it was a Bon Jovi cover… but this is the Indian Rebecca Black coming at you 121 giga-auto-tunes a second!

Pick your favorite lyric and leave them in the comments below.


College Humor – Dinosaur Office – Gym (link)

This next import comes all the way from the past, 10 bazillion years BC! Where getting horny, gets you nothing but your rack in a crack.


Dorkly – Chrono Trigger Doppel Doll's Other Use (link)

And then this… um.. which I totally can’t justify at all. Enjoy!



UCB Comedy – Before the Photo: Einstein (link)

Once again we take a trip to the past, for this dramatization to explain one the world’s most unexplained mysteries.


Funny Or Die – Gym Day! (link)

And back to the Gym to wrap up today’s funny pages.

Oh… the Gym.

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now hit the showers and cool down.

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Here’s some bonus fun: