First Looks: Eric Cash “Anti-Famous”

You've never heard a comedian like Eric Cash.   

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

As a comedian, Eric Cash has spent the last few years flying below the radar of most audiences. This is in stark contrast to his previous vocation when he led a punk rock circus over 5 nationwide U.S. tours. He’s also a known quantity in street performance, performing on 3 continents with world renowned innovation and bravery. Cash has been referred to as “the Bill Hicks of street performance”. Invoking the name of Bill Hicks for any reason is a good selling point for me on a comedian, and I, like most comedy fans, was never disappointed. Eric and I have shared more than a few stages together (including a week in Vegas that is a story in itself) and now as he prepares to record his first album I was lucky enough to be invited to a sneak preview here in Los Angeles. 



Comedians have for a long time admired rock stars for their performance style and bravado, and every comedian who attempts to affect that stage persona still has to look up at Eric Cash. Cash is fearless, pacing the stage like a caged tiger and fluctuation between an aggressive braying persona and the frustrated stuttering of a maligned intellectual. There are times he seems like an anthropomorphic joke telling rooster, standing on tables and shouting comedy at anyone who isn’t fully listening. Other times Cash seems to shake under the weight of his own observations. While he himself jokes at feeling limited only by being able to do stand-up in English (and thus missing out on performing around the world) I doubt you have to know the language to at least enjoy watching the man on stage, even if you didn’t get any of the jokes.


A very 80's Eric Cash 

Eric makes no secret of his life on the street, both as a young homeless kid, and later a street performer and beyond. His comedy has that constant arched back of someone who needed to prove himself or take a beating. Cash is a thinker and beyond the vitriol can be found good well thought out points. Cash’s gift is really borrowed from his time as a ringmaster, he owns the crowd, and controls them with rapid changes from subtle to grand. His descriptive skills are incredible with long strings of flowery prose that paint vivid love crafted pictures of his keen observations.

Strong showings from Cash are jokes about fearing his friend’s dreams might become reality, and a tirade about modern late-adopter nerds who maligned his culture. He also has a wonderfully bizarre rant about the beauty of an octopus that may not be comedy, but it’s something that shouldn’t be missed.

Cash’s album “Anti-Famous” will be recorded in San Francisco in the next couple of months. At the time of this writing his scheduled recording had to be postponed due to a logistical issue. CraveOnline will keep you posted on when and where, as this review will suggest, it’s not to be missed.


After seeing the “sneak preview” I was ready to catch a plane to San Fran to see one of the full album recordings, and it’s a shame issues have delayed that recording. If you live in the bay area, or want to be part of a show you won’t see the likes of again, keep your eyes on for information on Eric Cash “Anti-Famous”.


In pure Anti-Famous style, Cash only has a twitter account to promote himself. @EricCash is the place to go!