We Review: James Adomian “Low Hangin Fruit”

We take a listen to the master of comedy and improv's new album.   

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

If you’ve been checking out CraveOnline’s comedy channel for a while you already know we are huge fans of comedian James Adomian. Personally he’s in my top five comedians of all time, and I’ve been a dedicated supporter of what James puts on stage from the first time I ever heard his comedy until today. His first album “Low Hangin Fruit” was released this month on Earwolf (which is the label/network of the famous “Comedy Bang Bang” podcast). I for one am glad to see many of these jokes break from stage into the much broader reaching format of recorded comedy. You should be too. This album is easily one of the most consistently funny pieces of ear candy I have ever reviewed. Get it? Ear Candy? Earwolf? Huh? Never mind…


Adomian shines first as a comedian but also as an impressionist. In fact he may be one of the best impressionists who has ever lived, but does a really good job of making it clear that’s not what he’s “about”. His album is jokes first, and impressions as a delicious comedy gravy. Still when he shifts gears into a perfect Sam Eliot or Paul Giamatti it’s hard not to notice the man’s gifts. As we’ve said before about Adomian, it’s rare to see impressionists who know how to make this funny and James does. I look forward to a second impressionist golden age in 30 years when James retires and starts teaching a new class how to make it funny.

Impressions aside James tends to favor a low-boil comedy that emphasizes a human connection before heavy hitting punch lines. In this way he mirrors the British style of comedy, which for one I am glad of. His heaviest hitting observations are about gay culture, or rather perceptions and portrayals of gay culture in media and beyond. Adomian is gay and clearly has a personal investment in these jokes which makes them all the funnier. It’s hard to describe why Adomian’s queer material differs from most, but it does, and that is somehow a good thing because it’s refreshing and real.


Adomian here as Bush. 

This album is incredibly consistent, and it’s hard to pick favorites. Classic Adomian bits about sports broadcasting, wrestling, and gay movie villains shine, as does a bonus track which I won’t spoil here, but it had me laughing on the floor in short order. James Adomian deserves to be a household name, and certainly will in short order. Get in on the upcoming fad now and buy this album from Earwolf care of this link: http://earwolf.com/jamesadomian/


As a special bonus here's a video of Adomian rocking the mic as Jesse Ventura for 3 improvised minutes. I don't know many impressionists that can be that comfrotable with a character: