We Review: Matt Braunger’s “Shovel Fighter”

Hold onto your ears. Its the master of tricky linguistic comedy. 

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

Every comedian has some sort of style or gimmick that defines them. This can be everything from staggering observations to wacky act outs. More than a few comedians often share the same shtick, but one comedian that is unquestionably unique is Matt Braunger. Somehow Braunger has mastered a comedy based on visceral word choices and sounds. Known for his on stage singing, bizarre tangents, and referencing names like “Eggly Bagelface”, if you aren’t already a fan of Braunger, you have no idea what’s in store.

This album starts with a surprisingly long and wonderful series of jokes about the sounds you hear before someone vomits (and vomit politics) and ends with a drunken love story to “Cheese Babies and a Hot Boy”. If you have no idea what those terms mean, you are not alone, but you should grab the album and check it out.

Braunger has a knack for finding the strangest and most compelling turns of a phrase and hammering them home. His jokes seem like the breeding grounds of internet memes and have a frenetic catchiness that will hang with you for days. The biggest drawback to these jokes is that unless everyone you know has heard the album your rendition of “Dream within a Dream” will seem strange and out of place.

The strongest jokes here involve “Lonely Man Dinners”, “Spaghetti Time!”, and the album’s titular track about “shovel fighting” which is both wonderful and disturbing. I suggest a firm grip on reality and an open mind to the truly funny. Then you’ll totally enjoy this album. Here’s a clip:

You can buy the album on DVD or CD here… and I’d suggest the DVD. That crazy set peice is pretty amazing.