We Review: Todd Barry’s “Super Crazy”

Todd Barry is dry and wonderful. Learn more here.   

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

Perhaps as a reaction to tepid audiences most comedians develop a slightly aggressive style with a constant undertone of “look at me” and a heavy dose of loud shout outs and sound effects. If you need an example, please visit your local library and ask about Dane Cook. When a comedian can rise to prominence with a down-tempo style it’s always a treat and nobody does the subtle, comedic wallflower quite like Todd Barry. Barry’s low energy delivery is punctuated with his  own muffled guffaws, when he swallows his own laughter and pushes on with the droning sarcasm that serves him so well. He adds to this what I would dare say is perfect timing, leading to an almost never ending string of laughs that goes from belly laughter to snickers but doesn’t as a rule let you catch your breath. Mr. Barry, we are very impressed.

Todd’s latest album “Super Crazy” features the observational comedy that makes him famous and a whole lot of well executed self-deprecation. Berry is a master of walking the line between hero and jerk as he targets the idiocy he sees around him and then balances it with a whole lot of shots right back at himself. One bit, which follows Barry as he listens to the answering machine at a comedy club is wonderfully self-loathing and simultaneously very funny. This bit also has one of the more innovative endings I’ve heard in a while.

Barry has a quick mind and dry wit, which leads to a lot of his comedy being in the vein of noticing the flaws in various cultural concepts and the things people say. It gets to a point where you wonder why anyone dares say anything in front of the man for fear of making a gaff that Barry will pounce on, and beat within an inch of its life.

He presents a strong showing on jokes about Thailand, table manners and talking to your doctor really making this album excellent. Also apparently they all start with T. I would suggest real comedy fans make it a point to listen to the whole album back to back, as it’s the constant stream of sarcasm that really just makes it funnier and funnier. As good as the album is, none of its component tracks are as good alone as they are as part of the whole.

But… because I can’t air the entire album here, I do have a clip for you from the special:

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You can buy the album on DVD or CD with these links. Honestly Barry is perfect in audio only, so don’t be afraid to grab the digital Mp3 download. Godspeed and enjoy the sarcasm.