Stan Lee Versus a Green Screen

5 videos of Stan Lee battiling innovations in television production. Excelsior!

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

While you wait for Guardians of the Galaxy, the Daredevil remake, and the Ant-Man movie to flood into your eyeholes, take this time to remember how hard we had it back in 1995. When the only Marvel entertainment on TV was the Marvel Action Universe block of entertainment.


What would have been a relatively obscure, if inoffensive run of cartoons was galvanized by the presence of one man, who, thanks to his tireless efforts in never taking himself seriously and loving you as if you were his own grandchild, saved this show… all he had to do is step in front of a green screen. 


Thank god for Stan Lee. And next time you use a green screen to shoot your next big picture, never forget the man who paved the way for you.



Stan Lee Versus Galactus' Antechamber!

He wouldn't be so jovial if he knew how many Bothans died to get him inside that antechamber.



Stan Lee Versus The Community Park!

Look! It ISN'T Stan Lee in that fedora and trench coat trying to score drugs in the park!


Stan Lee Versus A Teleportation Device!

"I'm risking a blown kneecap for science!" Also, when did Tony Stark start doing human experimentation?!


Stan Lee Versus Rocket Science!

Video proof Stan Lee created the word "glom" and hated perspective in matte paintings.


Stan Lee Versus The Human Heart!

The one scene that didn't make it into The Avengers blooper reel was Stan Lee playing Hawkeye's  cardiologist. "You've lowered your cholesterol! Excelsior!"


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