Rooney’s Horrific Injury Puts Manchester United Future in Doubt

Rooney may have to fight for his place in the squad after injury puts him out for 2 months.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Wayne Rooney is facing an uphill struggle, after an injury suffered in Manchester United's game against Fulham could see the striker out for 2 months.

For the first time in his United career Rooney is finding himself battling for a spot in the Red Devils' starting line-up, as it was understood that prior to his injury Rooney was failing to impress manager Sir Alex Ferguson with his poor form and lack of fitness.

The horrific injury to Rooney's leg was said to have shocked even medics, who claimed that the wound was the worst of its kind they had seen. The injury was made when Fulham's Hugo Rodellega accidentally stood on him after he attempted to block a shot on goal, the studs on Rodellega's boots cutting through Rooney's flesh all the way through to his bone, bruising the muscle along the way.

If Rooney is out for the expected 2 months that would mean that he would miss 14 games, including England's world cup qualifiers, United's first three Champions League matches and Premier League matches against Liverpool, Newcastle and Chelsea.

Also, as Ferguson continues to try to pull United away from their over-reliance on Rooney, the striker may now for the first time ever be required to battle for his position in the starting eleven, with new blood such as Robin van Persie and Shinji Kagawa providing inspiring performances against Fulham, whilst Rooney lingered on the bench at kick-off following a poor showing during United's shock loss against Everton.

The wound required 10 stitches to pull the skin back together, with Rooney being placed under general anaesthetic during the procedure in order for them to clean the wound and limit the chances of infection.  He spent Saturday night recovering in hospital before being released home.

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