Exclusive Video: Battleship Interviews

Professor Witney Seibold goes behind the scenes at ILM and gets CG-ed into the board game blockbuster!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


"Shine on, silver bird."

Battleship is coming to DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow, August 28, so CraveOnline sent our very own Professor Witney Seibold out to Industrial Light & Magic to interview the special effects team behind the seafaring, alien-blasting blockbuster. After he talked to the crew about the explosions, super-complicated water effects and the history of the alien species (including – finally – what they're actually called, where they're from and what they wanted), they took him out back and CG-ed him into a key scene from the movie.

Find out what Industrial Light & Magic can really do, how they "raised their game" for Battleship, and what Professor Seibold would do when confronted by an invading alien race, right here, right now, at CraveOnline.