Tim Burton Presents 7 Pokemon

Gotta catch ‘em all, unless they creep you out.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Director Tim Burton often features unusual-looking creatures in his movies, so it’d be no surprise if he wanted to helm the weirdest, gothiest Pokemon film ever… unless there’s no obvious role for Johnny Depp. Meanwhile, artist Hat Boy is doing a magnificent job showing what specific Pokemon would look like in the Burtonverse:


Butterfree (#012)

Needs bigger eyes.


Bulbasaur (#001)

Better keep your grass Pokemon away from Edward Scissorhands, just in case.


Charmander (#004)

He looks like he’s in pain. Maybe it’s because his tail’s constantly on fire? Nah.


Caterpie (#010)

This is Caterpie! This is Caterpie!


Metapod (#011)

Beetlejuice needed a pet.


Blastoise (#009)

What a happy looking fellow!


Charizard (#006)

Evolution makes a creature pretty grumpy.


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