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Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Hipsters make the hard decisions, Army’s advance, and Rhys Darby leads the march. We’ve got the funniest videos, featured on the biggest comedy websites, and oh yea, the worlds sexiest language.  Join me for the funny pages and find yourself in a world where comedy explodes in your face with punches of laughter! – Hipsterhood – Ep. 1: hipsters buy cereal in Silver Lake on Friday night! (link)

Who hasn’t had this problem before.

Guys, the answer is Coco Pebbles, geez. Get it right!


College Humor – Charge (with Rhys Darby) (link)

Here’s my concept… evil must be super organized!


UCB Comedy – Terrible Restaurant Music (link)

Live from the stages of UCB New York, we grab a table at a restaurant with the worst in house music ever.


Funny Or Die – 2 Free iPod Nanos with Henry Winkler (link)

Congratulations, you just watched a video. Now watch more!

This is not a joke.


Dailymotion  – The Real Housekeepers of Long Island (link)

Reality TV takes a turn for thee better, to clean up it’s dirty image.


Break  – Sexy Mandarin! (link)

Did she say ‘sign up’ or J$%^K off?!


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and get your tube on.

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