5 Episodes of Idea Channel

Here’s an idea: this web series is funny and insightful!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

While I’m not watching much PBS TV these days, though I have friends who love them some Dowager Countess, the PBS web series Idea Channel is awesome. Host Mike Rugnetta explores a question rooted in both academia and today’s pop culture. So, it’s like reading a college student’s Media Studies paper, only entertaining and not horrible. Here are 5 episodes of Idea Channel:


Are Bronies Changing the Definition of Masculinity?

So… friendship is masculinity?


Is Nic Cage the Intersection of YOLO and Taoism?

Shooting dudes while having sex. #yolo #win #hashtags4eva


Is Twitter the Newest Form of Literature?

Maybe my last comment will win me a Pulitzer.


Is Super Mario Brothers the World’s Greatest Piece of Surrealist Art?

If it’s good enough for IAM8BIT


Is Dubstep Avant Garde Musical Genius?

I WUB this theory.


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