A Dozen Mitt-tasic Viral Videos

The gloves come off with viral videos featuring the Mitt.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Here’s a dozen or so epic viral videos featuring Mitt Romney. A bunch are awesome music videos, most have some kind of robots, and none of them give you the choice to stop watching! (accurate)


You don’t know Mitt? Let’s give you a quick introduction:

Happy Birthday Mitt Romney: Orientation Video

Philip Wilburn starts things off with this awesome Prometheus parody.


Mitt Romney's Tax Return Hunt

See Mitt’s not such a bad guy, he just has a lousy memory. I’m pretty sure this is based on actual facts and junk.


Mitt Romney Responds To Etch A Sketch Comment

Phillip Wilburn kicks some ass in this Romney impression.

Personally I think Mitt Romney is like Settlers of Cattan, always bad mouthing that black piece in the center.


Mitt Romney Funny Bloopers and Highlights

Here’s a great compilation of the Actually Mitt-head himself.

Remember gang, it’s not good being poor.


Mitt Romney's Dog Sings – The Ballad of Seamus Romney

A quick musical interlude,  from the dog with no shame, Seamus.

Time for more music videos!


Rejected cnn debate question: "a question for Mitt Romney"

Immaculate Conception asks Mitt Romney a question for the Republican CNN/YouTube Debate.


Who Is Mitt Romney? (Rap Music Video) Republican Brothers

Guys, let’s all have a Republican Party and then a Socialist tailgate!


Hot Problems – feat. Mitt Romney!

Key of Awesome takes their Gloves off against the Mitt!


Full of Mitt

Here’s another video ready to kick the Mitt out of awesomeness.


iPhone 4s – Mitt Romney Ad!

And this basically brings us back full circle to the Mitt Romney robot parody that started this list of Mittasticness off!


* banner image used with permission and thanks toDonkeyHotey