Funny Pages – What’s Destroying America?!

Today we bring you threesomes, Celebrity Pranks, and The big Mitt head.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

It seems like the theme of the day is, what’s bringing down America today?! Yes from the hilarious delusions a the North Korean leader and America’s own gullibility to the big Mitt bag himself. It’s time to get funny with the best videos from the front pages of the funniest websites on… the web!


Dailymotion  – the ex-box ep #9 "threesome?!" (link)

This guys first mistake was not going with crack whores… or just regular whores.


Break  – FACT: Celebrity Culture Has Officially Destroyed America (link)

Is Fame this easy? Apparently it is.

Greatest prank ever pulled. I mean aside from that whole Jesus raising from the dead thing. That’s was balls!

Btw, best viewer comment from the video – he must've gotten sooo much ass at motel six that night


College Humor – The Adventures of Kim Jong Un (Part 3) (link)

North Korea's sexiest leader is totally, awesomely back and not holding any guns to my head at all. Cause why would he, he’s so cutely, awesome. Check out this new totally accurate video in which defends his bride to be from the whorrible American Celebrities.


UCB Comedy – Cliff Notes Movie Trailer (link)

This is definitely a movie review, of a trailer.


Funny Or Die – "Full Of Mitt" – Ben Sheehan (link)

This video is so Money!


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and see who gives a Mitt.

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