We're going to make so many prank calls. Not realy.   

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

There are dozens of angry comedians in the world, there is only one Lewis Black. I’ve always felt Black was an innovator, and his brand of comedy (which borrows equal amounts from British comedians and political speech writers) is still unique even after years on the market. At this point I bet he’s waiting to see the first of the copycats. Somehow they aren’t coming. It must be nice to have a marketable voice that nobody else can effectively copy.

Black is back (sorry, I had to) with a new special next month, debuting on Comedy Central on Friday, September 7th at midnight Then it hits shelves on Blu-ray and DVD, featuring never-before-seen material, September 11th. I have only seen clips so far, but it’s already impressive.  The special originally aired on the Epix channel a while back, but this is its first major network release, and I, for one, am glad the message is getting to the people.

We’ll have a full review and the rest here on CraveOnline shortly, but to tide you over, here is one of the smartest pieces of comedy marketing I have seen in my time walking the comedy beat. Here’s your very own Lewis Black soundboard!

Check it out. (and stay tuned for more on the special in the days to come)


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