Meanwhile in Russia part one

Meanwhile in Russia 8 great videos. In Soviet Russia, Videos Viral YOU!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Only in Russia can you see some amazing things, like take a surf board to the streets of St. Petersburg, Ghost ride the whip in to your face or simply enjoy a neck breaking ride on a child’s merry go round. Enjoy this first installment of crazy videos from the mother of all countries producing fail videos to date!


Bus Crashes into Artillery Cannon

In Russia artillery comes to you. OR In Russia bus rides you (if you’re a cannon).


Russian Boat Car

Meanwhile in Russia…Car´╗┐ washing.

In Soviet Russia roads don’t need you!


Russian Surfing

Because, Marty Road are for Surfing!

In Soviet Russia … Point Break your face.


Russian Drinking Problem

In Soviet Russia, Sink drinks YOU!


Merry Go Round of Doooom

In Soviet Russia, Playground rides you!


Russian Ghosts

In Soviet Russia, Ghost whips you!


Russian Sexy Prison Music Video

Apparently in Russia, Prisoners seduce the FBI?

Or in Russia, Bill Nye Science Guy’s your Prison!


Russian All Car Ramp

In Soviet Russian, ATV Ride you!