WAREHOUSE 13 4.05 ‘No Pain, No Gain’

Steve and Artie investigate a break-in at the warehouse as Pete accidentally uses an artifact to impregnate Myka. 

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Episode Title: "No Pain, No Gain"

Writer: Nell Scovell

Director: Jay Chandrasekhar


In Japan, Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) and Claudia Donovan (Allison Scagliotti) are disguised as geishas as they thwart an attempt to sell an artifact during a business meeting. In the midst of the mission, Myka gets a call from her sister that she is pregnant, making Myka excited about becoming an aunt. When Myka and Claudia get back to the warehouse, she excitedly shares the news with Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) and Artie Nielsen (Saul Rubinek) as they pour over a recording of a hockey game out of the suspicion that one of the players, Mike Madden (Mike Dopud) is using an artifact to instantly heal his body from serious injuries.

Claudia also receives an invitation to lunch from Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder) and she mentions to Artie that she has had strange symptoms lately as if she is not control of her own body… which causes Artie to recall his vision of an angry Claudia attacking him with a dagger. In Toronto, Pete and Myka pretend to be investigators from the hockey league who are looking into doping allegations. Mike immediately starts flirting with Myka, but she isn't impressed. Back at the warehouse, Steve Jinks (Aaron Ashmore) comes across Artie frantically searching for something and he is taken aback when Artie lies about what he is doing.

Steve follows Artie and eventually gets him to admit that someone has been stealing artifacts from the warehouse that Artie personally recovered. Back in Toronto, Myka and Pete snoop around in Mike's locker and hear Mike fighting with another player in the showers. Pete intervenes, but he notices that Mike is in pain… unlike his invincible persona on the ice. This leads Pete and Myka to believe that someone is using an artifact on Mike without his knowledge… and only during home games. In Minneapolis, Claudia makes her lunch date with Mrs. Frederic, but the older woman immediately takes Claudia for a walk where they see a robbery unfold.

Claudia fixates on a woman inside the store and screams when the woman flings herself in front of a baby and its mother to protect them from gunfire. In the aftermath, the woman survives and Claudia realizes that the woman's bracelet has become an artifact because of her bravery. Mrs. Frederic also explains that they will leave the artifact with the woman until or if it becomes a problem. Back at the Warehouse, Artie decides to use a Hatfield rifle to recover the stolen McCoy rifle; which should be drawn to each other in an almost gravitational pull. In Toronto, Pete and Myka share their suspicion with Mike about someone secretly enhancing his performance.

Of course, they leave out the artifact details. But Myka and Mike suddenly discover similarities with each other that sparks a mutual attraction; which Pete instantly mocks. To trap the person using the artifact, Pete and Myka gather Mike's biggest fans into a single area of the arena and gives them all a chance to win a dinner with Mike. While Pete gets all of the personal info from each fan, Myka and Mike share a kiss; which is soon broadcast on the jumbo tron. One fan, Judy Giltoy (Kirsten Nelson) is particularly unhappy about watching them kiss and she instantly seems less passionate about the game.

While digging through the bags of the most obsessed fans, Pete grabs Judy's key chain while looking wistfully at a young boy and his father. Myka instantly doubles over in pain and rushes to the women's restroom. Minutes later, she calls Pete over as well and shows him that she is now several months pregnant. After consulting with Artie, Pete and Myka learn that her pregnancy is probably a form of wish fulfillment from an artifact… which forces Pete to admit that he wished for it because he wants a family and Myka is the only one who could share his crazy life. They also realize that Judy has the artifact and rush to her home.

Meanwhile, Artie and Steve find some of the missing artifacts, but they discover that more of them may have been shipped to other locations. Steve is also forced to admit that the metronome has somehow linked his body to Claudia's body, so that she feels his pain when he is hurt. Artie says that they have to get Steve off of the metronome, and he assures Steve that it may be possible without killing him. Back in Toronto, Pete and Myka make it to Judy's home and discover that she is obsessed with Mike. Meanwhile, Judy kidnaps Mike and uses the artifact (dog tags that belonged to her grandfather) to hurt Mike as a way to compel him to obey her.

Soon after, Pete and Myka learn about the kidnapping and snoop through Judy's apartment to discover where she would go. They learn the story behind the dog tags and find the location of a cabin owned by her family. In the cabin, Mike is extremely uncomfortable as Judy proclaims her love for him and he takes the first chance he gets to escape. But she uses the artifact to break his previously healed bones and leaves him in agony on the floor. When Pete and Myka arrive, Pete leaves his sleeping partner in the car while he enters the cabin. He finds Mike on the floor, but when he gets outside, Judy has already taken Myka hostage.

After Pete puts down his gun, Judy wishes death upon him and he collapses. But when she examines him, Pete grabs the dog tags and Myka zaps Judy. Back in Minneapolis, Mrs. Frederic brings Claudia to a retirement home and points out Mr. Frederic, her grandson. She also warns Claudia that not all wonder is endless. Later, Pete and Myka wonder why the artifact didn't work on him and he suggests that it only has power over people whom the user loves. Realizing that Pete loves her, Myka teases him about it as he tries to walk back the idea into a fraternal love, like the  kind of love a brother and sister would share.

When Myka finishes her goodbye to Mike, she finds Pete staring wistfully at a father and his newborn son.


I've always suspected that Pete would get Myka pregnant… just not like this.

On reflection, "Warehouse 13" seems to have lost any hint of sexual attraction between Pete and Myka. And I think the culprit is H.G. Wells (Jaime Murray). Ever since H.G. was introduced during the second season, both Murray and Joanne Kelly have said that they played their relationship as if H.G. and Myka were romantically attracted to each other. So, they got the majority of the sexual tension; which didn't leave much left over for Pete and Myka.

"No Pain, No Gain" seems to reintroduce the idea that Pete and Myka could have a chance as a couple. In the closing seconds, Myka's look towards Pete appeared to suggest that she has some feelings for him as well. There is love between them, but it's not really a romantic love at this point. Myka's attraction to Mike also had some cute moments that were fun to watch, but it was undercut by Mike's absence in the closing minutes. We never even got to see Myka and Mike say goodbye, presumably to reinforce the Pete and Myka relationship.

On the other hand, Pete's joking attempts to be Myka's gay best friend in her "romantic comedy" relationship with Mike came off poorly. Pete's jokes and delivery just weren't very funny and it seemed like a forced attempt to shoehorn some humor into the episode.

It was good to see Mike Dopud become the second "Stargate Universe" actor to appear this season, but the Misery inspired story was pretty flat and uninteresting. The World War II story behind the dog tags was compelling, but Kirsten Nelson's Judy wasn't a credible or entertaining villain. Both of the subplots to this episode were more effective than the main storyline. Claudia's time with Mrs. Frederic seemed to suggest that Claudia is still being groomed as a possible replacement for her. And the creation of an artifact was also interesting.

For the other subplot, it was good to see Steve paired with Artie, as it helped cement Steve's place on the team following his resurrection. Artie's paranoia about his possible death at Claudia's hands is still his driving force of the season. From a few episodes back, I suspect that the operative whom Artie sent after the dagger slated to kill him was H.G. Wells… as it would go a long way towards explaining her disappearance after the season premiere. At least H.G. would be the choice that makes the most sense, as opposed to someone we haven't seen before.

If I could grade "No Pain, No Gain" just on the subplots and a few of the scenes between Myka and Pete, it would have rated higher. But the main storyline dragged down the quality of the rest of the episode.