Wonder Woman and Superman Will Be Hooking Up

It's not a one-shot story, either. The ultimate power couple is going to be a thing for a while in Justice League.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Justice League #12

Ladies and gentlemen, another DC Comics mainstream media opportunity!

It's been revealed in Entertainment Weekly that in next week's Justice League #12, Superman and Wonder Woman will be hooking up. While there have been one-off teases of things like this in the past, writer Geoff Johns assures us all that this is not just a brief stunt, but "this is the new status quo."

Brief backstory for those curious about how this affects each of their longtime love interests. In Superman's case, the New 52 has ended the marriage of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and they're back to that place where Clark likes her but she's completely oblivious to it. In Wonder Woman's case, there's been a lot of play in Johns' Justice League series setting up Steve Trevor as the liaison between the American government and the Justice League, and he's been the most interesting character in the series. While they haven't laid it all bare, the gist is that Steve and Diana were a thing, but she completely broke his heart and messed him up. So this Super-Ship could be a knife twisting in Steve's gut, while it could also be the thing that wakes Lois up.

Or none of that will happen, and everyone will love this little ditty about Clark and Diana, to pseudo-American kids doin' the best they can. Then they'll have Superkid and Wonderbrat and Comet the Super Horse and Krypto the Wonder Mutt and start a nuclear-resistant family.

Justice League #12


It's fairly clear that this is always what they wanted to do when they reverted the life of Kal-El back. The first thought anyone has of a single Superman is "now he can date Wonder Woman!" They're both 'truth, justice and the American way' types, even though one's an illegal alien and the other is from a magic Greek island of Amazon sex pirates. So here it is. It is said that this relationship have a seismic impact on the DCU, and it will likely spark debate among fans as well. ”Hopefully this will raise a lot of eyebrows,” artist Jim Lee says. “We welcome the watercooler chatter.” Of course they do – that was the whole marketing strategy of Before Watchmen, wasn't it? Generate controversy, spike sales.

This is certainly less contentious than the prickly creators' rights issue, natch. This is just two popular, famous attractive white people hooking up, and the media loves that. What will be there conjoined name for lame-ass celebrity vultures? Supderwoman? Di-El? Kal-Di? Princess Clark? Clarkana? Sonderman?

What do you think will happen to The Couple of Tomorrow?

UPDATE: To clarify, I'm not particularly against this as an idea. I'm more taking the piss out of the hype machine. It could turn out to be interesting, and honestly, it's a story that a lot of people would like to see. However, I'm reminded of an argument Gail Simone made when she was starting to write Wonder Woman years ago, and fans kept telling her which superheroes they thought Diana should hook up with. Her response was that she shouldn't have to hook up with another superhero – she should have her own supporting cast, and her own love interest, like Lois Lane or Mary Jane Watson are for the big-time male heroes. She's a big enough name that attaching her to another superhero cheapens her a little. I may not be articulating her argument well, and the advent of "shippers" is a sure sign that the superhero club is chock full of inter-cape hookups anyway, but DC's Trinity has usually been above that fray.

Time to knock 'em down off that pedestal, it seems.