LeBron X Shoes Come With Hefty Price Tag

To get the top model of James' new shoe, prepare to shell out some serious cash.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Ok, I have no other way of saying this, but to just come right out and say it, NIKE has gone insane. Yes, the once 'king of shoes' (I say once because based on personal observations, kids actually seem to prefer other brands) has joined up once again with the truly crowned 'King' of basketball, LeBron James, to bring the public perhaps one of the most innovative new shoes ever to hit the public.

Only you have to shell out $315 bucks to get them.

That's right, to get the best version of the LeBron X due out later this year, you are going to have to shell out over $300 to wear them. But wait, before you totally turn from these sneakers with a snort of derision, first you must be made aware that these shoes will actually allow the owner to track quickness, vertical leap and explosiveness with actual sensors that are built into the shoes to relay the information.

Here is a description of the shoe from NIKE themselves:

The LeBron X is inspired, both aesthetically and metaphorically, by the diamond, a precious and nearly indestructible gemstone. The shoe is engineered to prioritize responsiveness, impact protection and dynamic containment, all required for LeBron's unique skillset.

Combining four of Nike's most innovative technologies, the LeBron X features dynamic Flywire technology, Hyperfuse construction, Nike Plus functionality (though there will also be a non-Plus model) and the first full-length visible Zoom Air unit.

For $315, these shoes should be able to do more than track my speed, they should be able to hand me a towel and massage my back after every run. For this price, I should be able to at least get them spouting motivational affirmations while I'm running up and down the court.

So, is this just NIKE looking to capitalize on the success that James has enjoyed recently or are they honestly trying to start the trend of digital clothing? Shoes that are both comfortable and technologically advanced?

Who knows. But here's what LeBron has to say about the shoes, at least publicly.

"Quickness, hustle, vertical, Nike plus basketball tracks them all," James says in this advertisement. "How high you jump, how quick you are and how hard you play. So you can compete against your friends, your rivals and yourself, every time you play. Nike plus basketball allows you to see your game like never before."

Well, for that price tag, I would expect to see the game like never before!

Oh, for those of you that dig the shoes but are not willing to dish out the $300 bucks, there is a base model that will be going for $180. No word on if it will do anything but keep your feet from getting blisters though.

So, if you could have put any technilogical feature into your footwear, what would it be? Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

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