7 Interactions With Psycho Fans! (video)

7 videos of fans who are a little more than obsessed...

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

It's important to have hobbies. Sometimes those hobbies become strong interests. Sometimes those strong interests become obsessions. And sometimes those obsessions become a blood-laden scream over an altar of whorship. 

We here at CRAVE Online bring you seven videos of fans who have gone way over the deep end as far as obsession goes. Watch and learn. You don't want to be one of the guys getting tasered outside a My Little Pony convention. 

Take a look:


1. Rapper Pitbull gives a fan the chances of a lifetime, then clocks him in the face:

This is why you never mess with the guy with a microphone. 


2. Indie-wrestling-circut crazy guy wants to keep a woman in his basement:

Thank god for security. This guy would have cut off her face and worn it.


3. Dancing fan is the creepiest person in the world:

The next game he hooked a car battery up to his nipples.


4. Britney Spears is confronted by a stalker on stage:

Hello, Ms. Spears. This is my friend, Mr. Knife. 


5. Japanese Chick gets to touch Harry Potter's face:

Careful Danielle. She's gonna come through your TV Set and melt your face. 


6. Pope Attack!

How many hats could you possibly need?


7. Another psycho wrestling fan doesn't know it's fake:

Prepare for a night of sobbing and shame masturbation of the likes you have never seen.