10 High Fiving Cats

These aren’t just cool cats. They’re the coolest cats.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Wanna know if somebody’s cool? Test them on their high five. If it’s to your liking, proceed with friendship. That goes double for cats – unlike humans, cat don’t have middle schools to develop crucial high fiving skills, so any cat who can do this deserves twice your friendship. Here are videos of 10 high fiving cats:


Casual High Five



Table High Five

How many fives does a cat have to give for a “cookie” around here?


Reluctant High Five

He’ll five ya, but don’t expect him to feel great about it.


Powerful High Five

That cat’s got a hard slap, according to all the sound effects I heard.


Casual High Five #2

Sup, bro.


Cat High Fives and More

A truly cool cat never refers to these as “dog tricks.”


Jumping High Five

Leap 4 Treats.


Cat Attempts High Five Record

Later that night, the cat murdered this man.


Teach Your Cat To High Five

Or, as they might put it, teach yourself to give your cat treats properly.


Maru’s High Five

Oh Maru, you’re the best at everything.


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