7 Dudes You Wouldn’t Want to Fight

Even Chuck Norris would think twice about roundhouse kicking these guys.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

We all like to think we can/could handle ourselves in a fight, regardless of whether or not we've ever been in one or not. We like to think that if push came to shove, we could floor our attacker with a deadly MMA knee to the jaw, before walking away from the scene with our arm wrapped around the shoulders of two beautiful women.

Here are 7 dudes you wouldn't want to find yourself up against in a fight.


Defender of the Bin

Say what you want about the man, but never, and I mean NEVER, touch his bin.



The closest we'll ever get to a commercial for acid.


Epic Beard Man

The size of this 67-year-old Vietnam's beard is rivalled only by the size of his balls.


The Real Karate Kid

Possibly the only fight where the kid would be bullied more after beating the bully up. 


The Peckham Terminator

Armed with nothing but a shrill voice and a deadly kick, the Peckham Terminator is a threat to all South London bus routes.


Meanwhile, in Russia…

Unfortunately for them, her boyfriend turned out to be Niko Bellic.


A Tuna Never Had a Son

They say that the stupid are more dangerous than the intelligent because they know no fear. If that's the case, then this guy is like a nuclear weapon.