Talking BMX Mega 2.0 Finals with Chad Kagy

We recently spoke to BMX star Chad Kagy about the accident-plagued, wacky-weathered event at the Dew Tour.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

The biggest issue with holding a live, weekend-long event on the beach is probably the unpredictability of the weather.  At any moment the winds can kick up, or the rain can sneak in and change the plan in a hurry.  Such was the case early Saturday afternoon when it was announced just moments before the start of the BMX Mega 2.0 Finals that the event had been postponed until Sunday.

It was probably for the better as Sunday’s event was one filled with highs and lows, just ask three-time X-games gold medalist Chad Kagy.  Kagy came in behind Morgan Wade at the finals but after serious injuries to Kevin Robinson and Vince Byron – both of whom were carted off on stretchers – before his last run, there was plenty on the 33-year-old’s mind.

“I’m really disappointed that we had two slams that took people out of the contest,” Kagy said after the competition.  “It’s unfortunate for Vince, who’s always a front runner and always progressive in pushing tricks and forcing us to push ourselves farther. And it’s always a disappointment to see Kevin knock himself out.”

It’s never easy to see a friend, teammate, or even opponent get hurt in any sport but it might be even more difficult to go out there and regain the mindset of competing at a high level.

“After watching one of my friends get knocked out and lay down for five minutes, I decided to take it easy and rely on my second run score,” Kagy added.

But he knew he needed to finish strong, especially after how well he thought he did in the beginning of the contest.

“I’m happy with the way the event turned out. For me personally, I was just happy with the way my first few runs went, but the third run I crashed and I kinda wasn’t expecting that,” he said.  “And my fourth run I was going into it really, really wanting to push hard and land a double-flip, and then go into a really hard trick on the quarter pipe.  Right before my last run, I got myself in the mentality that I am content with what I have.”

Kagy Shows off his second place trophy after Sunday's BMX Mega 2.0 Final.

There’s always room for improvement in BMX and although the injuries to fellow riders were still fresh on his mind, he was already looking ahead to the future and how he might be able to improve his style moving forward.

“Overall, in the long run, I want to push myself harder but for today I felt good about what I did.  I’m just glad we finally got some good weather.  The bad weather from last year really just postponed everything and yesterday got postponed because of wind.  I’m hoping the fans weren’t too disappointed,” Kagy said.

The fans here at Ocean City seem quite knowledgeable of the sport and what it takes to go out and perform at a high level but Kagy realizes that and knows the fans wanted to see nothing but the best.

“They understand that we could have ridden, we would have crashed the whole time and it wouldn’t have been a good show, though,” he said.  “Today the wind was low enough, there was a real, real light breeze, enough to cool us off and it wasn’t really enough to get in the way of any of the tricks.”


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