10 Funny Videos Starring Slender Man

Get some face time with this faceless killer!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Not all memes live on the internets to make us laugh. Some are out to scare us, to haunt us, to terrorize our lives, though eventually they are laughed at, too. Slender Man is an expressionless horror meme who’s been seen in Photoshopped images, YouTube videos and video games since 2009, but because I’m not into horror stuff, here are 10 funny videos starring Slender Man:


Know Your Meme: Slender Man

A blank-faced legend begins.


Slender Man Prank

Meet the perfect scare prank victim.


Bane Plays Splender

Batman also could have stopped Bane with spooky video games.


The Slender Man Can!

I guess he’s nicer than the chocolate factory guy who kills children.


Slender Man Is A Bad Roommate

The people you find on Craigslist these days…



He’s going after pop tart space cats now.


Slender Man Parties Hard

If Slender Man’s not at your party, it’s not a party.


Slender Man Prank #2

Your panda backpack can’t protect you now.


Happy Birthday From Slender Man!

Aww… you shouldn’t have.


Slender Man Sings “Friday”

Jason might object to this.


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