8 Bedroom Makeover Pranks

Eight reasons to keep your door locked while you’re away.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

You come home after a trip – maybe you’re visiting family or going away on vacation – only to find that your room and all your stuff have been thoroughly changed. Maybe everything’s covered in tin foil or all the furniture’s missing. Whatever’s different, the prank is sure to make you wish you could hop right back on that plane. Here are 8 bedroom makeover pranks:


Little Girl’s Room

One of the best “what did we learn from this” moments in a YouTube video.


Tin Foil Room

At least aliens won’t be able to read his DVD collection’s thoughts.


Newspaper Room

Finally, a good use for newspapers.


Bubble Bath Room

All he needs now are some scented candles and rose petals.


Maze Room

If they ever have minotaurs over, they’ll feel right at home.


Stolen Room

The most thorough thieves are college thieves.


Packing Peanuts Room

To be fair, this is exactly what England is like.


Beach Room

Help me Rhonda, help me make his room a beach.


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