Pierre-Luc Gagnon Wins Dew Tour’s Skate Vert Final

It was a runaway for PLG at the finals as his last technical run was enough to secure the victory.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

With the BMX Mega Finals delayed earlier in the day due to wind conditions, it looked as though there might be a delay in the skateboard Vert Finals, but luckily it went off with no problems and turned out to be the best event during Saturday’s action.

While the preliminary runs for the final session were tight, the last set was a runaway, with Canadian Pierre-Luc Gagnon coming out as the winner with a final score of 88.50, finishing ahead of hometown hero Bucky Lasek and Brazilian native Sandro Dias.

“It’s always pretty hard with the weather but the fans love it,” PLG said after the trophy ceremony.

The first two rounds of competition were anything but easy for the 32-year-old as he had to battle just to make it to the last set of runs.  It was his last run however, that put him over the top.  The run used the curved coping feature of the ramp and incorporated several flip tricks, including a kickflip fakie, a switch heelflip 360 and a kickflip body varial 540.  It was obvious he had had a rough start to the day.

“I had a hard time in practice, but kept my cool and threw it down when it mattered,” he said.  “It feels great to perform in front of a crowd like this.”

The stands were packed and there were plenty of onlookers standing in the sand, so maybe it was the crowd that had PLG amped up for what turned out to be Saturday’s main event.  I mean, it’s not every day you finish ahead of Bob Burnquist, Andy Macdonald and Lasek in the Vert.  For PLG, the victory is his second in Vert at a Dew competition, the last of which came last year in Las Vegas.

But there’s no question he loves coming to Ocean City.

“They really showed us a lot of support versus some of the other places we go to the fans are really spoiled and it takes a lot to impress them, out here they’re so into it,” PLG added.

Check out some of our pictures from the event:

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