Bogut To Be Fit For Season Opener

Bogut to return plus the fate of some other Australian basketballers.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

The last time Andrew Bogut suited up for an NBA game, it was with the Milwaukee Bucks, but the new Golden State Warriors’ center says he’ll be fit for the beginning of the 2012-13 season.

Bogut broke his ankle early this year after only having played in twelve games- another injury added to a growing list. The Bucks gave up on him a few months later, but Golden State took a chance on him, trading for him at the deadline, knowing that he wouldn’t play that season.

Bogut’s broken foot is on the mend and he thinks he’ll be ready for the Warrior’s training camp.

"I definitely want to be ready for training camp. I think it will be close," Bogut told Australian reporters on Monday.

"The immediate goal with all of this is to make sure I'm ready for the first game. Whether that means playing only half the pre-season games, it's just about being smart with my ankle."

The Aussie former No.1 overall draft pick has had his fair share of setbacks, but if healthy Bogut, a top three or four center in the league, will certainly help out the new look Warriors.

As mentioned, Bogut's has some history with injury. Here's his huge fall in 2010 which abruptly ended what was a career year.

Bogut obviously didn’t play for Australians at this summer’s Olympics, but a couple of his teammates are on the NBA radar.

Patty Mills was the highest scoring Olympian in the tournament and he was recently resigned by the San Antonio Spurs. Mills came in midway through last season after signing in China during the lockout and provided the Spurs with some good minutes as the backup point guard.

Joe Ingles was another Australian Boomer who had a great tournament. He is currently under contract with FC Barcelona Regal for another season, a contract he wishes to fulfil, but is drawing some serious attention from NBA teams with Minnesota being one of the teams mentioned as having interest.