Funny Pages – For the Birds, as in Girls

These videos are for the Birds!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof


From Owl City music parodies and a new drug to turn a ladies nether region in to a singularity similar to the workings of a bird, and Winging It these videos have everything a modern day woman needs! Except for that whole free health care stuff. Who needs that anyway… but boobie prize time, Alein PIZZA!


Dailymotion  – Order Up (link)

In a world, where Aliens are hungry for a meat lovers, this happens… and frankly I’d love to play this as a video game.



And gimme some of dat fancy alien money!


Break  – Man Vs. Pig Prank (link)

And now for something comPIGlety different. Or how to turn your friend in to a little girl. – Glitch s01e01 – OMG Pilot OMG (link)

Clamoring to grab some of that golden web magix unearthed by The Guild, a new web series on called Glitch has mixed in the premise of gamers with that old tried and true premise of…. Man falls in to video game.

Characters named after video game things, and deliberate under-acting make this not the most endearing pilot. I have some amount of faith and hope that it’ll pick up in the future however.

Also, it’s 16 minutes.


College Humor – Camping's Not a Good Time (Owl City/Carly Rae Jepsen Parody) (link)

The CH parody is full of UCB regulars. Starring our friends Nick Mandernach and the short-short wearing, Angela Trimbur. Even if camping isn’t, this video is a good time.


Dorkly – Resident Evil Political Ad  (link)

Finally a political ad that tackles the real issues… a zombie apocalypse.


UCB Comedy – Cloacas For Women (link)

Making the British slang term more apt than ever. Who needs all those holes?!


Funny Or Die – Wing It Parenthood with Connie Britton (link)

Speaking of winging it… this is the state of the future of health care.

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.


Now go forth and get your hole on.

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