5 Funny X-Files Supercuts

The truth is out there… in these videos!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen an episode of The X-Files, but some fans still regularly re-watch all the episodes, perhaps to look for clues about the series mythology, or just as likely, to find funny clips to splice together for YouTube videos. Here are 5 funny X-Files supercuts:


Scully Says “Oh My God”

Oh my god, she says “oh my god” a lot!


Mulder Hitting On Scully

Can you blame him? He’s a sex addict.


Every Shot Of Mulder’s Wristwatch

To be fair, Mulder’s wristwatch was one of the most talked about elements of The X-Files when it first aired.


Mulder! Mulder! Mulder!

So… Mulder?


X-Files Bloopers

Something, someone, some—oh, f*** it.


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